Dailies: photoshop animation

I animated this in Photoshop today just for fun, but also to try out the Animator’s Toolbar plugin I recently heard about. The previous one I was using, AnimDessin, had not been updated to fit with Adobe’s upgrades to CC2019, or for years for that matter. I kind of gave up on it.

For the most part I tend to avoid PS when it comes to animation and use TVPaint instead, only for one reason… it’s so bloody unintuitive in it’s workflow! Patrick Deen’s plugin helps ease my frustrations and it’s a super helpful tool to have in my ever-changing box of things I use to make stuff. I’d recommend it to anyone and suggest they don’t bat an eyelid about the cost, because it’s well worth it!

Combining this with my favourite brushes (sorry TVPaint, you’re awesome but your brushes just don’t cut it for me), I’m really excited to see what I can make with this in future.

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