An Animated Inktober

Hello! I’m not meaning to be quiet here, but I have a lot on my plate. It’s good and yet frustrating at the same time. Lately I am challenged to think about what is driving me and be more conscious of the choices I am making, to consider whether those choices are really necessary.

It’s also been lesson for me in realising what to say “no” to when it comes to commissions and work. There was a point where I was…

  • walking dogs in the morning
  • going to uni during the day
  • coming home to eat
  • going to a part time job
  • or doing freelance work/commissions

Needless to say, I was exhausted. Starting uni has been the biggest impact. It’s a lot of fun, but the workload is mammoth and my time for many other things has suddenly disappeared into the aether!

And well… I wanted to try because there was a great circus theme going on. But I know I can’t keep up with it, so I’ll do them when I can.

I love the circus. I love the vibrant colours and all the crazy things that cirque people do (not the animal trainers though). And I wondered to myself… how can I do this consistently and not get bogged down by extra complications?

Day 1: “Tent”

So there are some limits I’ve placed on myself:

  • use only pens and copic markers to draw with.
  • use only an iPhone app to edit.

The reasons for these boundaries are so I can stick to time constraints and not get lost in the making of it (because I am prone to do that) and thereby sabotage my schedule with everything else. Seems reasonable, right?

I am using an app called Stop Motion Studio Pro, available on iOS and Android. We used it to complete a project just last week at uni and I was kinda hooked with the idea.

Day 2: “Ring Master”

I was listening to a recent and magical episode of Creative Pep Talk, where Andy was talking to Halle Stanford, the executive Producer on Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It was oh so magical in many ways (the original movie has a special place in my heart) but one thing Halle mentioned stuck with me.

It’s reminded everybody that the tactile nature of practical work has an emotional connection for artists.

She was talking about working on the project and the nature of craft and digital art (CGI). I am prone to creating much of my work on the computer, while I enjoy it, there is little to no tactile sensation in there. No hands-on, getting paint on your fingers, or anything.

I resonated with Ms. Stanford’s thoughts, because there is that distinct sense of satisfaction I have felt while making these simple little animations. We’ve even been using only sketchbooks in class so far, something which I haven’t done in quite some time as well. I look at this investment in stop motion as a way I am seeking connection. It’s fulfilling in a way that other work hasn’t been of late and I intend to explore a while, when I am able.

Tools of the trade and a home-made green screen.
Making Day 3 “Clown”.

Day 3 was a test of conscious choices. I originally wanted him to have green hair then realized the error of my ways. Green would be keyed out by the app! No “fixing it in post” allowed on this challenge, so I changed that and the green spots on the car to blue and purple. Problem solved!

The quality of this one worked out a little better than yesterday’s, thank goodness, I think the lighting had something to do with it. But still, it’s out of my comfort zone. I have only done a little stop motion, everything else is hand drawn or done in After Effects on the computer. There’s also little to no planning with the timing. So maybe it looks quite primitive compared to my other work, but I am learning and that’s ok by me!

Check out my instagram for the experiments in motion as they happen. Let me know what you think!

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