Tito and the Birds

I went to see Tito and the Birds recently. What a great little film! Engaging and visually well-crafted animation with brilliant use of colour and texture – two of my favourite things lately!

It’s a social commentary on anxiety, fear and the state of society these days, with people being driven by or living in fear of the world outside. I loved that pigeons were used as the anchor back to rational thought.

The egg/rock people was an excellent comment on how we do nothing when we are afraid. They even mentioned the two states of reaction to fear (fight or flight) but how we have managed to blow the third state (freeze) out of all proportion. Shutting ourselves down to life’s issues and problems. Or being shut down due to our own inability to deal with them.

I did a little research into how it was done on a technical level and was fascinated to read they used oil paints mixed with animation in an 80 minute film. Utterly delightful and no doubt painstakingly slow!

Such a stunning colour palette and the textures were dreamy. It left me feeling inspired and uplifted after watching.

While some of the story felt like it could have used a little work, I could feel the struggle to suspend my disbelief, but wanted to at the same time. There were just some questionable choices, said ‘adult me’, but child me reminded her that animation and story doesn’t always have to be complex. Enjoy it!

And I did. Definitely recommend a watch for the family. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

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100 day project 1-19

I wanted to share this project I’ve been doing periodically over the past several months. There’s no specific outcome except to learn and improve and say I’ve made 100 animations.
Patience. I need so much patience and perseverance. And I’m not necessarily a patient person. You understand how hard that is, right?

Because this is one hectic mix of wanting an end result, enjoying the process, and getting utterly frustrated with the process as well. Animation takes a long time to really get anywhere… all for a few seconds. Understanding and improving is like a turtle running through peanut butter!

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Sometimes it feels like everyone is, and they’re doing way better. But I have to remember that I’m looking through a magnifying glass there and am only seeing what I am focused on. It’s easy to lose heart when you feel like your efforts are insignificant.

That’s why you need to look back on how far you’ve come. This compilation is one way for me to do that. I’ll sure be interested to see what happens by the end… heck I’m interested to see what happens in the next 20!

Thought I’d share it in case anyone else could use a pep talk. Also… I need someone to celebrate this milestone with me!

Dailies: AE Morph Exercise

I am still plodding away at my #100daysofanimation exercises, this is attempt number 18, if my calculations and reorganizing files does not mislead me. I set out to learn about morphing shapes in After Effects today, how they’re made and what they can be used for.

It involves strategically placing vertices, defining the first vertice from which everything moves, and different path shapes imported via Illustrator files. I didn’t know any of this and found it all super interesting. Tried not to go off the rails too much, as I am wont to do when I see something shiny. But it was hard to stop at the smooth transitions and colours, so I added some effects just to spruce things up a bit.


My first look at Cinema 4D

In the not-to-distant past, I stumbled across a short film with an aesthetic that I absolutely adored. It was in the same vein of crafting a handmade look via digital means and the artist had used Cinema 4D to do it.

Know a Whale – Everfresh (Vimeo)

I’d heard of it but never tried using it, my previous efforts with these kinds of programs had been a bit of a bungle and quite frustrating with the steep learning curve. But given my newly appointed student status and the fact that it’s free for the duration of my studies, I thought I’d download it and try it out.

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An Animated Inktober

Hello! I’m not meaning to be quiet here, but I have a lot on my plate. It’s good and yet frustrating at the same time. Lately I am challenged to think about what is driving me and be more conscious of the choices I am making, to consider whether those choices are really necessary.

It’s also been lesson for me in realising what to say “no” to when it comes to commissions and work. There was a point where I was…

  • walking dogs in the morning
  • going to uni during the day
  • coming home to eat
  • going to a part time job
  • or doing freelance work/commissions

Needless to say, I was exhausted. Starting uni has been the biggest impact. It’s a lot of fun, but the workload is mammoth and my time for many other things has suddenly disappeared into the aether!

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